One of the major benefits of engineered products is when we can make them work for us. Engineered products are designed to fulfill a specific and often complex task vs a generic product. One of the engineered products most people use is engineered wood. Engineered wood is man-made wood that is created with wood fibers and glue, to form a piece of wood.

This wood is made from the same wood as non-engineered planks and is also used in construction. In fact, plywood is an engineered wood, where the wood is bonded with glues to make the wood as strong as possible. Because all this wood is manmade at an engineered products company, construction workers can make sure that the wood meets specific requirements.

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It can be super thick and durable, made to be certain sizes, or have different grains. Plus, the inherent strength of natural wood can be enhanced and really brought out. In some cases, engineered wood is stronger than its natural counterpart.

The engineered wood is also easy to work with, which is why beginner construction projects often call for plywood during the working process. It can be bent, cut, and otherwise manipulated to make sure that the woodsman gets the most out of it. The plywood can also be made from other types of wood that would otherwise just be used as scraps.

The only reason most people keep using real wood is that engineered woods aren’t as resistant to humidity. So the engineered woods can’t be used outdoors in humid or rainy environments. Plus, it does take more energy to make the engineered wood than just using typical wood.

But a good combination of engineered wood can allow craftsmen to fulfill specific requirements, and along with real lumber, they can build a house and keep it standing.